Zhen Gin (500ml)
  • Zhen Gin (500ml)

    Asia's First Climate-Positive Gin. Zhen is an artisanal gin created by 2 childhood friends. On an epic trip to surf Pacific Ocean waves along the eastern coast of Taiwan, the duo encountered a typhoon. As they sought shelter, they witnessed rice crops being destructed. An idea was then conceived to save the damaged crops and produce gin out of rice. Combined with Bhutanese juniper, Thai coriander seeds and Yunnan osmanthus, the result is a gin that's great enough to drink on its own. Certified Vegan by "BeVeg". 


    $30 per 500ml bottle will go to Zhen Gin #BarTabSG Relief Fund.

    • Store In Cool Place

      You may refrigerate or store in a cool place.

    • Refund Policy

      No replacement or refund

    • Takeaway and Delivery Timing

      While our guests have the convinience to book the cocktails anytime, the takeaway will only be available between 12:00 noon and 09:30 pm, daily. 


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