Smoke Lab Aniseed Flavored Vodka (750ml)

Smoke Lab Aniseed Flavored Vodka (750ml)

Smoke Lab Vodka Aniseed is a refreshing mix of fennel and licorice notes, that’ll keep you coming back for more. Every sip is a playful exploration of ‘Saunf’, a much-loved Indian herb. Delicate aromas of aniseed and licorice. Creamy and sweet with subtle fennel blossom finish. 5X Distilled. High-Quality Basmati Rice made with pure Himalayan Water. Carbon Neutral, Gluten Free and Vegan.

  • Store In Cool Place

    You may refrigerate and store.

  • Refund Policy

    No replacement or refund

  • Takeaway and Delivery Timing

    While our guests have the convinience to book the cocktails anytime, the takeaway will only be available between 12:00 noon and 09:30 pm, daily.