Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodka Smogóry Forest (700ml)

Exclusive to The Old Man Singapore, Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodka Smogóry Forest (700ml). A robust, savory flavor profile sets this single-estate rye vodka apart. Belvedere has created a spirit that truly captures the influence of the Smogóry Forest terroir. The Diamond Dańkowskie rye used to craft Smogóry Forest creates a vodka with toasty, saline and sweet flavors.

  • Store In Cool Place

    You may refrigerate and store.

  • Refund Policy

    No replacement or refund

  • Takeaway and Delivery Timing

    While our guests have the convinience to book the cocktails anytime, the takeaway will only be available between 12:00 noon and 09:30 pm, daily. 


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