The Old Man Singapore

Every drink has a story

When Ernest Hemingway completed his manuscript for ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, he wrote to his publisher that he felt that it was his best work yet. Sure enough, the book went on to win a Pulitzer Prize in 1953, and is the last significant piece of work of fiction by him before he took his life in 1961.

The Old Man Singapore name takes after this great literary work and honours Hemingway by taking inspiration from his novels, history, and folklore, and by using novel ingredients and culinary accoutrements – thereby paying tribute to the spirits and cocktails he loved.


About Us

The Old Man Singapore is a passion project turned award-winning bar. Recognised amongst Asia's and World's 50 Best Bars, this intimate speakeasy serves top-notch innovative cocktails paired with an engaging guest experience, while tucked away in the heart of Singapore’s buzzing Keong Saik Road.

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